Pam Kueber

About Pam Kueber
Pam Kueber is the creator and publisher of, a popular website that The New York Times called “the go-to destination for enthusiasts who want to restore houses built during the post-World War II boom.”


Established in 2007, today attracts more than 300,000 unique visitors each month – enthusiastic fans of midcentury and vintage design who are looking for products and ideas to help remodel, renovate and decorate their homes in a way that is sympathetic to the original architecture. The site now contains more than 3,000 stories – including categorized research on where to find scores of products to renovate a midcentury home, detailed stories about readers’ remodels, and lots of vintage eye candy, too. has been featured widely in leading print and online media, and Kueber is interviewed regularly as an expert on midcentury design and décor. Kueber launched eight years ago, after she had struggled to find resources to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms in her own 1951 colonial-ranch house in appropriate period style. She searched tirelessly to uncover many hard-to-find products and began amassing a library of vintage marketing materials to scrutinize design details and history. Her rooms turned out great, so after she was done she decided to share her research with others via what was then a new-fangled medium, a blog. Her interest in midcentury homes and their stories evolved from her longtime interest in interior design in both contemporary and historic homes. She grew up in the 1960s and 1970s devouring her mom’s Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Sunset, and Better Homes & Gardens magazines. Born and raised in California and Kentucky, she went on to live in Wisconsin, Madrid, Washington, D.C., Michigan, Toronto, New York, and Massachusetts -- and along the way, decorating and/or renovating 16 different homes and apartments.


Kueber also uses the website to uncover, research, capture and foster renewed appreciation for midcentury designs that have been nearly forgotten – and which risk being disparaged and destroyed before they get their chance for a retro revival. As the most publicized examples, Kueber repopularized and is the nation’s foremost expert on vintage Mamie Eisenhower-pink bathrooms, an effort that led to its own microsite She has created the world’s largest online archive of vintage steel kitchen cabinet brands. She coined the term, “Midcentury Modest” to encourage greater respect for the many millions of small and unpretentious, but still very charming and modern, middle-class homes built across America after World War II. She revived the terms “hudee ring” and “Pickwick pine.” And, she was likely the first online to regularly and respectfully spotlight “time-capsule houses” that have not changed inside or out over the decades. has been featured widely in leading print and online media, and Kueber is interviewed regularly as an expert on midcentury design and décor.