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What finishes are available?

Polished, mirror, patterned, matte, embossed and brushed are available for Anodized Aluminum.

Can Wilsonart Decorative Metals be postformed or radiused?

Postforming is not necessary, as heat will neither detract from nor add to the ability of the product to form. It may be cold radiused to a 3" inside or outside minimum. Smaller radii can fracture the surface of the anodic coating of the metal. This will not reduce the anodic protective characteristics.

Are Decorative Metals available with a phenolic back?

Yes, all anodized aluminum (type 419) and decorative metal panels (type 416) are available with a phenolic back, except A-Look Mirror Metals (which have a thermoplastic core) and Galvalume® Steel. Phenolic-backed metals are non-forming and are notrecommended for cutting into decorative edging or strip applications.

How does the heat resistance of Chemsurf differ from standard laminate?

Because the face of Chemsurf Laminate has a special resin formulation different than standard laminate with melamine resin, it may be somewhat more susceptible to color change or deformation from high temperature. Wilsonart recommends that Chemsurf Laminate not be subjected to extremes in humidity, or to temperatures of over 275°F (135°C) for sustained periods of time, or to intense, continuous, direct sunlight.

Can I get Wilsonart Chemsurf Chemical-Resistant Laminate in any Wilsonart Laminate color or pattern?

Chemsurf is available in most Wilsonart Standards Collection designs. Please check Pattern Availability or contact your local rep or call 1.800.433.3222 to confirm availability.

Does the #90 finish improve scratch resistance?

Yes. Type 390-90 offer the added value of improved scratch resistance to a chemical-resistant surface.

Who can install these edges?

Information on qualified Custom Edges fabricators in your area is available from any of our regional warehouses or your local Wilsonart distributor. For a listing of distributors in your area please call (800) 433-3222.

Are all of the profiles available locally?

Many Wilsonart distributors and regional warehouses stock the Bevel Edge profiles in the most popular Wilsonart Laminate designs. Non-stock options can be ordered through your Wilsonart distributor.

How do you fabricate rounded corners?

The Rounded Corner Wood Edges are made specifically for this application and can be matched with our Solid Wood Edge profiles. RHT-1 and RHT11 rounded corners are available in 2" radii in Red Oak and Hard Maple; RKT-1 rounded corners are available in 2", 4" and 6" radii in Red Oak and Hard Maple. Methods of fabrication are shown in the Custom Edges Fabrication Manual, BR1515.

Are custom wood species available?

Yes. Wood moldings can be ordered in cherry, white oak, white birch and black ash. There is a ten-stick minimum order per species and style and a four to six week lead time. Pricing for special species is determined on an order by order basis.