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Where would I use Wilsonart Custom Laminate?

Wherever you want to create unique effects, such as on signage, table tops, doors, custom furniture and retail fixtures. Custom Laminate is especially useful for incorporating corporate logos and graphics in a design scheme.

What is Wilsonart Custom Laminate?

Custom Laminate is actually manufacturing processes that allow the user to create one-of-a-kind laminate designs with as little as one sheet minimum order.

Can Wilsonart Decorative Metals be postformed or radiused?

Postforming is not necessary, as heat will neither detract from nor add to the ability of the product to form. It may be cold radiused to a 3" inside or outside minimum. Smaller radii can fracture the surface of the anodic coating of the metal. This will not reduce the anodic protective characteristics.

Are Decorative Metals available with a phenolic back?

Yes, all anodized aluminum (type 419) and decorative metal panels (type 416) are available with a phenolic back, except A-Look Mirror Metals (which have a thermoplastic core) and Galvalume® Steel. Phenolic-backed metals are non-forming and are notrecommended for cutting into decorative edging or strip applications.

What is required for the development of a custom image?

Good, clean artwork is a necessity. Original digital artwork is required in most cases. Please see Wilsonart Formatting Guidelines at www.wilsonart.com/wilsonartxyou for complete instructions.

What is the Graphic Imaging?

Graphic Imaging is a full-color process whereby fabrics, paintings and other pictures are digitally reproduced by computer onto decorative paper to be used for lamination.

Where can Graphic Imaging be used?

This process is ideal for merchandise displays, wall murals, doors, custom furniture and panel systems, tabletops and highly detailed accent strips.

What size does Graphic Imaging laminate come in?

Lengths: 96", 120? and 144"; Widths: 36" and 48".

Are all laminate products available in the Graphic Image Process?

Standard Grade 174 and Vertical Grade 364 are available.

What is the minimum order for Graphic Imaging?

One sheet is the minimum order.