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What size does Graphic Imaging laminate come in?

Lengths: 96", 120? and 144"; Widths: 36" and 48".

Are all laminate products available in the Graphic Image Process?

Standard Grade 174 and Vertical Grade 364 are available.

What is the minimum order for Graphic Imaging?

One sheet is the minimum order.

What is Wilsonart Custom Laminate?

Custom Laminate is actually manufacturing processes that allow the user to create one-of-a-kind laminate designs with as little as one sheet minimum order.

Where would I use Wilsonart Custom Laminate?

Wherever you want to create unique effects, such as on signage, table tops, doors, custom furniture and retail fixtures. Custom Laminate is especially useful for incorporating corporate logos and graphics in a design scheme.

How long does it take to produce a sheet of Custom Laminate?

The Custom Laminate process incorporates several steps, including design approval and manufacturing. Normally, it takes four to six weeks from the receipt of an approved layout and sample for laminate to ship from our manufacturing plant.

What finishes are available?

Custom Laminate is standard in #60 and #90 finish. Optional finishes may be available; consult your local Wilsonart representative for details.

Why is Custom Laminate more expensive than conventional laminate?

Custom Laminate is essentially a one-of-a-kind, hand-made product. Because of the additional time and processing required to produce each sheet, the product is more costly to make. Still, in many cases, it is a less expensive alternative to other customized or hand-rendered processes that are available.

What types of Wilsonart Custom Edges are available?

Bevel Edges are available in Wilsonart® Laminate and in solid wood.

What lengths are available?

Custom Edges are available in 12' lengths only.